Mission & Values

At Royale Piano, we are hugely passionate to almost an obsessive degree about creating quality, engaging learning environments and experiences for music students in every age category. 

Our mission is to always create the perfect balance in our music curriculum – we are fully committed to providing each individual with lessons that are custom-made to fit their own unique learning style. We strive for excellence in our mission to help humanity properly learn how to read, write and play music at an affordable cost.

Please check out the Royale Piano values below that we hold ourselves strictly accountable for. It is our deep promise to you each and every time you are provided with any of our services:


Royale Piano guarantees that upon rendering our services that no person shall ever be discriminated on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status such as disability, age, marital and family status, sexual orientation and gender identity, health status, place of residence, class, economic or any social situation. All students must be treated with dignity and respect at all times. Our learning environment operates with a zero tolerance policy on discriminatory and/or racist behavior.


We heavily stress this core value at Royale Piano because it really is what helps makes us stand out. Our focus is on providing clear, practical guidance with easy-to-understand instruction by utilizing leading-edge educational technology. We are constantly working in the background to enrich and revise our presentations to help evolve future generations of musicians to maximize the clarity in their creative expression to a means for which they help positively impact and change global society into a healthy future. We set our goals and intentions daily to identify communication glitches and strive to always provide clear, undeniable, clear, edifying, motivational directions in every music session. We are always also of course happy and humbled to receive any feedback – as we found over the years of teaching, feedback has helped develop this communication strategy we now use today.


Not only is Royale Piano devoted to open communications, but we are also committed to always being respectfully transparent and honest with our students and parents. We strive to always update our community of parents and students on the latest updates on music strategies, current events and announcements of musical performance/recitals. 

There are also never any hidden fees or surprise costs – EVER


We are friendly thinkers, who love to inspire the joy of learning. Our desire is to equip and empower everyone with the top-down processing tools they need to successfully achieve highly rigorous standards of music excellency.

Our bottom-line at Royale Piano is that when comes to learning, we believe with the right attitude, you can always find a million ways to solve a problem. Our eternal optimism has crafted an approach to problems that will help generate and cultivate within our students a growth, solution-oriented mindset. Our solution-oriented problem solving techniques will first focus on developing an accurate framework of the problem, getting a right, clear understanding of the problem, then analyze and extract from a bank of intellectually credible sources. Together we find results, we construct theoretical pathways to help construct logical patterning to help expose unforeseeable factors of the problem. This method will help a broad range of students easily construct a roadmap that lead to many paths towards success; igniting this powerful sense that in life there are usually many means to achieve one end. 


At Royale Piano, we are hyper-sensitive to when students are learning, as personal growth is also taking place. Growth happens at varying speeds. We are committed to respecting an individual’s comprehension of music by carefully identifying and measuring where a student is at, and modifying our teaching strategy to appropriate each stage of learning. We happily expect to vigorously repeat ourselves, as we understand the seemingly basic fundamental concepts are not likely to absorb or remembered accurately the first few times. Our role is to be your critical guide; a guide who responsively coaches with strong encouragement, positive reinforcement and constructive feedback to assist in building brain-based learning strategies.


Fundamentally, above all else, this listening value of ours at Royale Piano is our top priority. Accurately painting a good picture created with sound requires a well-trained ear that expertly listens. A skilled musician must develop a discerning ear that can isolate sounds, pair together invisible or implied rhythms and harmonies. This will require a disciplined attitude that enables one to implement the effective use of both sound and silence. When it comes to our offering of Zoom piano courses online, we fully understand the overall importance of exercising active listening skills. Our priority is to gift students with this simple, yet amazing and fascinating ability to calculate and appreciate the complexities of sound.